Our company established 1986 for selling Textile machinery spare parts. Our company has been supplying spare parts for textile machinery in Turkey and abroad since 1986. Our founders have gained experience in the field of Civil Engineering and Architecture for many years in the construction of industrial buildings. After Our company has expanded its activities in the fields of Construction, Engineering and Architecture in 2015.
Our company, which has a young, expert and dynamic team, has proven itself in the sector with its successful works. Within the professional working system, starting from the project stage, from the foundation to the turnkey projects; It provides investors with great advantages by making sustainable, economic and environmental projects.
Our company has the principle of convenient and quality price, timely delivery of work. It has produced economical, timely structures by producing prefabricated, steel construction and composite structures which are faster and higher quality than conventional structures.
Quality and trust are the main keys to Çıralı Textile Construction Enginnering and Architecture LLC. With these principles and dynamic human resources, we aspire to be a leader company in the Turkish Construction Sector.